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Anyone know what salary Hawaiian Airlines offers for their dispatchers? Hawaii is nice and all, but I would imagine the cost of living is ridiculously high.
Yep I did. I'll have to dig out my notes from the interview. PM me for further details.
I know someone that worked there who said that if you weren't from Hawaii, you were kind of treated as an outcast by others in the office. I've never been there myself so I don't know how accurate that is. I will say that when I was called for an interview by them, the process seemed rather disorganized...first I had a no-notice group phone interview, then I got an email saying that they weren't interested in me, then I got a call to come for an interview by the manager of SOC. I ultimately decided to not go out for the interview and emailed the manager to let him know. Soon after I did this, I got another call for a "group interview" from them - they evidently weren't aware I'd talked to the SOC manager or that I'd emailed him I wasn't coming there. Kind of like the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. Still, they seem like a decent airline with a good route network, so good luck to all those who apply!