Hats off to my Instructor!


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I just found out today that my former CFI who trained me for much of my PPL and my instrument rating has recently been hired by Great Lakes Airlines. The airline based in Denver with a United and Frontier code share flies Beech 1900Ds and EMB-120 Brasilias. While I can't say for a fact which one he'll be in, I believe they start out their new hires in the 1900. He's in Cheyenne for training right now as we speak.

All I can say is, kick-ass!
Lets hope this trend in hiring continues.


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I used to work at Lakes, (CS agent) I assume he has been in their hiring pool for awhile and just got called? I don't think they have interviewed in over a year....


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Paul, where did you train? Who was your instructor?

My hubbie did his PPL at JeffCo airport. I'd love to hear that one of the guys we knew while he was there got hired! PM me if you don't want to post his name.


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Congrats to your CFI! I looked at their website and they already are not accepting apps. Looks like that hiring stint was short lived!