Has anybody changed their minds?


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I was just wondering if anybody has changed their minds about the age 60 (now 63??) rule in light of today's economy? I used to be for it, but seeing how I have barely even started my career and i'm lookin at the way the economy is going...i'm loosing years here
What does everyone else think?
If you are trying to get into the industry, the Age 60 rule is the only thing keeping your chances up. Your looking at it from the wrong vantage point. Who could take 35+ of this industry anyways??
I don't care if you discriminate.....as long as you are not discriminating against me! (insert sarcasim)

Just throwing the other side of the coin out there.

Personally as 30 year old my view is, "Move over captain, your in my seat!"
I've always kind of had mixed feelings about it. One thing to keep in mind is that many, if not most, pilots retire for reasons other than age 60. Many retire early by choice or for medical reasons, so the age 60 rule dosn't come into play quite as much as you might think. Pilots will always be retiring. I'm not worried too much about it.
I guess i'm looking at it from the "cant get enough angle" hehe....Its like the first time you have chocolate cake or some new candy or somthing....you think you cant ever get eonough of it....I dunno...