Happy New Year!!!!!


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How's it going people?

First of all, Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

I've just become a user of the Jetcareer Forums, although I've been reading all sorts of posts on this website for over 6 months! I've only decided now to make myself known. New year new beginnings!!

Anyway, a bit about me......

I'm 19 years old and live in London, UK and am currently studying a Computer Science degree, based at Brunel University, London. I'm in my second year and it's a 4-year course. I took the step of doing a non-aviation based degree, as many of you have preached and recommended on this site. Back then, I thought Computer Science would be a good way to go but due to the general economic downturn it may have been a bad move, at this moment it time. But I have a keen interest in computers and I'm quite confident that things will pick up sooner rather than later.
Obviously, I have a keen interest in aviation, but not to the point where it's the be-all and end-all of my hobbies (I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!). I like to work out (strength training in particular) and enjoy playing mainly football (or soccer as you Yanks like to call it!) and tennis. Music wise, I'm mainly into hip-hop and r'n'b.
I'm intending to start my PPL training this year. That has to be my biggest new years resolution. But it all depends on what my finances look like in the summer. I'm hoping to do an Internship at a computer firm, which will last 12 months, starting this summer. The Internship is part of my degree. Ideally, I would use my salary, from my Internship, to pay for the PPL training. But, if things don't work out this summer, I'll have to wait until I've got a stable full-time job after I've graduated. My aim is to reach the majors one day, but I thought it would be a good idea to at least do the PPL training before I turn 22 or 23, just to see if I enjoy flying enough to pursue it all the way to the majors.
My dad works for British Airways so I've been associated with the airline and aviation, in general, for quite a few years, by attending open days and air shows in the UK. I've done a short Internship with BA and had the chance to try a 747-400 simulator session and also went on a familiarisation flight to Munich, Germany. I had the privilege to say goodbye to Concorde on its last day of commercial flight at an open evening for selected BA staff. My parents are quite supportive of the fact that I want to pursue a career as a pilot. But I sometimes feel I don't really get enough encouragement. I suppose it's a challenge in itself to be self-motivated, so I consider this as a learning experience!

I hope this is not boring you guys, but I thought I'd finally introduce myself! I hope to be part of the Jetcareers community and I'd like to say thanks to Doug for making this site what it is!


All Together now people......Hi Paaaaatel

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