Hangar vs Hanger


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After reading the letter from the President of Sierra Academy, Skip Everett, I now understand why this flight school might be in trouble. Mr. Everett needs to know the difference between the words HANGER and HANGAR. To save him time, I have listed both words and here are the definition and proper usage for each word:

Main Entry: hang·er
Pronunciation: 'ha[ng]-&r
Function: noun
Date: 15th century
1 : one that hangs or causes to be hung or hanged
2 : something that hangs , overhangs, or is suspended: as a : a decorative strip of cloth b : a small sword formerly used by seamen c chiefly British : a small wood on steeply sloping land
3 : a device by which or to which something is hung or hangs : as a : a strap on a sword belt by which a sword or dagger can be suspended b : a loop by which a garment is hung up c : a device that fits inside or around a garment for hanging from a hook or rod

Main Entry: 1han·gar
Pronunciation: 'ha[ng]-&r, 'ha[ng]-g&r
Function: noun
Etymology: French
Date: 1852
: SHELTER, SHED; especially : a covered and usually enclosed area for housing and repairing aircraft.

I don't know it all, however, as a fellow pilot, I do know the difference between hangar and hanger.