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Is it a problem with security to travel with a handheld navcom in the carryon or should i put in the suitcase[power-pack removed]?Thanks for input
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I havn't traveled with a handheld post-9-11, but I don't recall seeing anything about radios being prohibited. I would contact the airline's customer service department and ask them. You might also try contacting TSA.
In a recent trip when i got home i discovered my suitcase had been open and inspected,i found a note inside[TSA] with some # to call if i had Qs, i wonder why some laundry,shoes.,hair dryer and an electric toothbrush would cause some alarm,so i wonder about the handheld ,but i will check with the airline see what they say .
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I've flown several times with both a handheld gps and transceiver. The first time I had a need for them at my destination and was a bit concerned about having them taken away, so I packed part in my carry-on and part in my suitcase...no one said a word. The next trip was to Canada, which included a helicopter ride, so I hoped to use it during the layover and possibly during the heli-leg. I was too concerned about causing a stir on the way there, but on the return, I asked a security agent and the helicopter pilot, both of whom said 'no problem' and the latter even pointed out some of the local frequencies while we were flying. During the layover before our trip home, I became chatty with a pilot, who was deadheading on our flight. He was eager to play around with the pilots and used the transciever while the cabin door was open. I was surprised by how open he was about everything, even if it was legal to use, I thought there should be some discretion as to not worry the other passengers. This was in Vancouver, so perhaps it would be a different scenario in the US. I've since flown with my handheld and have not used it again.
My concern would be just because the local airport / TSA allow you through with it, what happens at the other end on your return? I don't believe all TSA are equall and that you could get a different "interpretation" from different bases.
I have flown commercially with my transceiver in my carry-on before. I wouldn't think that security would have a problem with it, especially since they most likely have no clue what it is.

I wouldn't dare turn in on in the aircraft though. You never know what a flight attendant or fellow passenger might interpret as a threat.

Before using any electronic device aboard a commercial airliner, make sure it's on the airline's approvel electronic device list. As of my last date flying (Sep 7th of last year) GPS units and AM/FM radios were NOT allowed to be used on board once the cabin door was closed. Check the passenger/flight information section in the inflight magazine or ask a flight attendant if the device you want to use is approved.
I've used AM/FM radios in-flight. What's really strange is that I have picked up FM radio stations on the ground.
Ooops, I misinterpreted the question. I've flown several (8 or 10) times (though not within the last six months) with my flight bag as a carry-on, and they've never searched it, nor said a word about it going through the x-rays. You shouldn't have a problem.

I thought you were referring to taking it on board to listen to...
No, i wasnt planning on using the handheld in flight,im taking my flight bag contents, some are going in the suitcase and i would prefer the handheld in my carryon,departure is from Canada and there is no problem with the handheld,i make a conection in Washington or Atlanta to S.America and i wanted to check first since in my last trip from the US [sept.9]my suitcase was open after it was checked in .[had some laundry,shoes,hairdryer,electric toothbrush
regards jetman