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Anyone know anyting helpful about Hageland? I have an interview coming up and am looking for everything i can find out about them. Also, since I will be up there, I'm looking for some other good outfits to get a hold of before i go.

I heard ACE air cargo is hiring 1900 pilots and grant is looking for navajo pilots.

well, things seems to be moving forawrd, heading up to anchorage for an interview next wed. looks like SIC in the 208 to start for an out-of-towner like me.:D
Wow 1500tt and your sitting right seat 208? Did they tell you how long you would be doing that?

well see, I didnt really get a dininitive answer exept 'people have done it for up to a year when they got on with low time.' I definitely hear what you are saying about my tt and moving to a training position, but if its the way to get on with the company I want to be with....
Wow 1500tt and your sitting right seat 208? Did they tell you how long you would be doing that?


It happens up here, frankly, I'd be too scared to go into the Sled at 1500TT without some experience in AK, Noguffchet has 135 experience in difficult conditions, but they don't really know the value of it (though I think he'll be upgraded out of the caravan and into the sled pretty quick) yet. Perfectly understandable. 135mins up here are really only allowed for dudes who have almost all alaska time, everybody else has to prove themselves. Unfortunately, the AK dudes crash as much as everybody else does, but their cheaper to insure.
I was hired in April 2003 to fly in the right seat of the 208. I had around 1300 hours and a few hundred hours of Alaska time. I ended up in the right seat of the 1900 instead, but it was a great experience.
well, thats pretty much over i think. I interviewed, it went pretty well I thought but it had been a while since I flew the 206(8mos+) and I misquoted glide speed at 100 (not 85.) :banghead: bummer, but i guess it wast what was supposed to happen...
Sounds like they were blowing smoke up your butt and AK has a pretty girl behind every tree you find there...Your not missing anything!
Actually Bethel really does have a beautiful woman behind every tree!

Good luck finding a tree though......