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I heard that taking N.O. Xplode from BSN can cause you to almost fail the drug test due to blood pressure. not sure if that is true.
there is a link to a page that shows the ingredients in the supplement, anything to raise any red flags?
would think it would lower your blood pressure not raise it.
When you say drug test, are you referring to the physical examination, or an actual drug test? If you are referring to a drug test, it will not come up.

As far as blood pressure goes, that is a good question. I have been taking NO-Xplode for about two years now on and off and have not had any issues. I've had no problem obtaining a first class medical every time I have gone in and I take a bunch of gym supplements (kre-alkalyn, no-xplode, muscle milk)...Is it a good idea? Probably not. I'm trying to get off the stuff but it's become a bad habit I guess.


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Another question, isn't the some of the ingredients in N.O. xplode found in viagra. In the Viagra commercial it says "Do not take viagra if you take chest nitrates because it can cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure."
So really N.O. xplode cause's a drop in blood pressure more so right? The caffeine is in it, but i dont think it has that much caffeine to raise your blood pressure. Because the point of N.O. xplode is the energy from caffeine and the pump you get from the N.O. which if you have bigger blood vessels and bigger veins your blood pressure is lower right? So if it enhances a pump to make it bigger it would have to drop your blood pressure right? Sorry for the ton of questions but these just come to mind. :)


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Yea I actually heard nothing but bad things from N.O Explode. Google it and you will see.


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Do yourself a favor and DON'T take it. It's a waste of money. Spend your money and time on proper nutrition and exercise. Many people that take this junk speak highly of it because it produces a more extreme "pump" so to speak but that doesn't at all mean your going to cause muscle hypertrophy(growth). Lifting very light weight/high reps causes a pump as well, but that doesn't mean that's going to get you to grow....well unless your reallyyyyyyy deconditioned.