Grumman - Apollo Mission


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My uncle worked for Northrop Grumman on the F14 as well as being involved with the Apollo Missions they were a part of.

I stared for hours at these growing up I wasn't allowed to actually have them until I was "old enough". I guess now that I just turned 30 and getting married my parents consider me old enough :D

I also have a bunch of mission day notes and checklists which I'll try to throw up as well... it's just a part of history that has always amazed me and thought I'd share !!

If the image didn't work:



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Awesome man! I've been watching the "When We Left Earth" series on Discovery on Sunday nights. The girlfriend thinks its boring, but I love watching the old footage from when they really knew very little about anything outside of our atmosphere and were working with cutting edge technology (for the time) designed mostly on hypothesis. Those folks were visionaries! That technology and program were really the basis for most of the technological advances that we take for granted everyday! :nana2: