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The normally crowded skies over MYF are empty right now--an infrequent occurence, especially for a Sunday. MYF lies within the 7 nm TFR for the Superbowl being held not quite 3 nm away at Qualcomm Stadium. Last night I was listening to Lindbergh (SAN) Tower while stuck in traffic going into downtown to partake in all the revelry; interesting mix of traffic--news and police helicopters, a never-ending stream of airliners and biz jets bringing folks into town for the game, and not one but TWO airships, both internally luminated and visible for miles.

And for those of you freezing elsewhere, the current METAR:

KMYF 262053Z 32006KT 10SM CLR 28/03 A3009 RMK AO2 SLP186 T02830028 58028

That's right, baby, it's January and it's in the 80s!! Screw the game, I'm hittin' the beach!
Scottsdale, AZ

Fair Feels Like

UV Index: 3 Low
Dew Point: 24°F
Humidity: 15%
Visibility: Unlimited
Pressure: 30.19 inches and falling
Wind: Variable at 3 mph

As reported at Scottsdale, AZ Last Updated Sunday, January 26, 2003, at 1:53 PM Mountain Standard Time (Sunday, 3:53 PM EST).
Manhasset, NY
Cloudy Feels Like

UV Index: 0 Minimal
Dew Point: 21°F
Humidity: 59%
Visibility: Unlimited
Pressure: 30.00 inches and steady
Wind: calm

At SNA (John Wayne) it's temp 28. Although at my house (couple miles from the airport) my thermometer says 100F!!!!

I just heard one of the sportscasters say that San Diego just broke the temperature record for the 26th of January.

It's 29 here right now...
Denver 60F, Partly Cloudy. 4:21PM
If it dosen't snow or rain, alot! soon, the rockies are going to burn up.
I'll be in California this tuesday for the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament, so hopefully the great temps will stay around for a while.

Here in Grand Forks, ND, its -4 and it feels like its -22 below. We are also under a winter storm warning for tonight, 4-6 inches of snow, with winds to 25 mph and wind chills reaching 40-50 below. Oh how I love this weather.
KDAB 241753Z COR 34008G16KT 10SM -SN OVC025 02/M04 A3046

Daytona Beach METAR for 1/24. Yes that does say light snow. Fortunately it has warmed up a little.
Y'all suck.


For the past few weeks, the temps here in DCA didn't get above freezing for the most part. Today was relatively warm. It was a whopping 40 or so.

On top of that, the wind was kicking pretty good all week long. I had scheduled myself to fly from Tuesday until Friday but I had to cancel every single day due to winds!
I am with Ed on this one, I was out test driving cars today and am pleased to say the AC worked well!
you guys in the SWern US are very lucky. We had a VERY warm and dry winter, until about two weeks ago. Well, it's still dry, but it is frigid. FINALLY had a 40+ degree day yesterday, so that was great for flying (didn't have to preheat for the first time in ages), but it was back to the teens for a high today. Had a plane scheduled but said forget it. Too d*mn cold.

Counting the days till I get to go to Scottsdale AZ in about 3 weeks. I am SO ready for spring.

What is this "preheat" of which you speak?

[/ QUOTE ]

Very funny...

Obviously not a big concern in Fresno, eh?
What is this "preheat" of which you speak?

[/ QUOTE ]

Come to AZ in August and you'll get all the preheating you can friggin stand.