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I'm over here in the mid-Atlantic dealing with the snow. It's not going to magically disappear, so that's about all we can do with it--deal with it.

I posted a message about preparing to solo, and how I am on the verge of making my first solo flight, and how frustrating it is with the weather holding it up, etc.

Many people replied congratulating me on getting to the point where my instructor feels confident enough for me to fly by myself, offering words of wisdom, and asking me to share my experiences when I finsih the quest.

I began to reflect on how the aviation community if not "the," is one of the greatest communities for any hobby, occupation, etc. The amount of support those in the aviation industry can find from other colleagues and enthusiasts is overwhelming. Most people are very eager to offer advice, hints, networking, etc. Also, from reading a lot of different posts and seeing the smarta$$'s out there, it's a community that also knows how to have its fair share of fun!

I just wanted to point out that those of us who have taken up aviation, are in good company, and a part of something great!

See everyone on the ramp!
Right back atcha
Dave you forgot to add "man" to the end of that sentance. "We love you too man!"