Great speech on Oil


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Courtesy of PlaneBuzz, and ultimately a PlaneBusiness Banter subscriber. . .

Great Speech on Oil And What We Need To Do About It: Anne Korin

My thanks to a PlaneBusiness Banter subscriber who sent along a link to a series of videos on YouTube this morning. The videos are of a recent speech that was given by Anne Korin and covered on C-Span. Korin is the co-director of the Institute of Global Security. There are seven videos that cover the speech and questions and answers after the presentation.

Her speech takes a very logical and rational look at the situation we now find ourselves in -- in terms of that strategic and fungible commodity -- oil.

Excellent presentation, and I would recommend it to all who make a living in the transportation business.


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So can we make the jet engines run on corn, sugar, coal fuel? The military is the single greatest buyer of gasoline worldwide.., with the military airplanes accounting for something like 90% of the usage. Will there be a flex-fuel airplane?...