GREAT NEWS! JC OCP is gonna be in the paper...


Mama Bear....
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Based on our effort to get Operation Care Pack back up and running - successful as ever...AND Dan's (Rausda27) effort in sending tidbits of OCP2004 information to various newspapers, again, this year...the Scottsdale Tribune is going to run an article talking about Operation Care Pack for the 2nd time since the inception of OCP - some of you will recall that we had an article in last years paper too.

This is the 2nd year in a row and we've just been informed that the piece will be THE centerpiece on the FRONT PAGE of the Scottsdale Tribune on CHRISTMAS DAY!

how's that for some excitement?

don't worry - we both gave all who donated major kudo's and hopefully the article conveys how we feel about being able to sponsor such an event and do something for the troops overseas.

The Scottsdale Tribune runs along with the East Valley Tribune - so essentially, the article should be hosted on the East Valley Tribune's website( East Valley Tribune) as well as both papers

as soon as we get a link to it or we're able to pick up a paper, we'll make sure ya'll get to see it! If not for our Christmas Elves (Donors), this wouldn't have been such a successful operation, again and we sure as heck wouldn't be getting some PR time in the paper!

so - THANK YOU and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!