Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours


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Hello all,

I am a longtime lurker and a very occasional poster with a question.

In August my Father is going to be in Las Vegas, he is interested in taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. I was wondering if anyone out there had any information regarding any of these tour companies. Are they reputable? My main concern is obviously the safety of my father. Price is not really a concern to him.

Any first, or even second or third hand info would be appreciated. Along with any info regarding how I could check the safety record of these companies (BBB, NTSB, FAA?).

Thanks in advance for any information.


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NTSB Database Query

The link above is probably a good source. Just narrow your search to 135 ops. in Arizona...a bunch of 'em are sightseeing.

I have a friend who flew fixed wing for Air Grand Canyon...he seemed to like it, but to be honest, I haven't heard anything great, or bad about them.


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I was actually there a couple weeks ago and we looked into helicopter tours. I forget what the place was called but its the first place you see when you drive up to the airport. It was $175 a person if I remember correctly. We ended up going next door to Air Grand Canyon and took a 1 hour tour in a Cessna 207 and it was 80 bucks each and it was well worth it!


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I grew up in Las Vegas, and I would say do what the previous poster said, and take the plane ride. If he really wants to take a helo ride tell him to take the one that flies over the strip. I've never been in a helicopter, but I have flown over the desert floor in a 737 in the summer and every time we get tossed around. I could only imagine how that would feel in a chopper.1.


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Last X-mas and New Years I went to Vegas for Vacation( and ended up buying property in the new Tahiti resort!)and went on the all out bus tour, the helo tour to the bottom of the canyon to take the boat ride tour on the Colorado, and it was the experience of a liftime!
The helo tour and ride to the bottom was incredible. They depart from the rim from a small apt I think K1G4, and when he goes over the edge of the cliff and drops down into the canyon hugging the walls, it is awesome! I'm still smiling from it!
The whole tour was well planned and fun. Also the Hoover Dam was part of the tour too. The flight starts in Arizona, so it's a long scenic bus ride from Vegas. Lunch on the edge of the Grand Canyon was also part of it. You can walk right up to the edge and stand as close as you want or dare. What an amazing experience. I told the helo pilot, who happened to train and fly out of the same apt. as I am here in Ore.that I was a pilot, so he gave me left seat. What a ride. I'm pretty sure the outfit was called Grand Canyon Tours, their right next to MGM Grand. Spend the bucks and do the combo tour, you'll NEVER regret it!!


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I used to live in Vegas, but I never took flight instruction there. Since us wannabe pilots need to build hours, I think while on vacation it would be cool to rent a plane and go flying while in Vegas. Maybe even go to the Grand Canyon or take in some other sights. Has anyone done this or known anyone who has done it?



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Tell your Dad to take the helicopter tour. The bumps are farrrrrr less then in fixed-wing. Reason.....No wing.... Ask any chopper pilot. Or better yet try it for yourself. Helicopters are awesome. It is like being on a platform.


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I'm scared of helicopters.....They just don't look like they want to fly. The Exxon company has a nice helicopter at the airport where I fly, and one time I was about 100 feet away from it when it started and the only thing I could think of was what would happen if one of those blades came off. They also made everyone put on a life vest on before they boarded the chopper. That just makes me uneasy. Anyway, have fun on the trip. There is a charter company in Vegas that gives tours of the Grand Canyon in Beech 1900 and Twin Otter aircraft....
Check them out.1.


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Last time I was in Vegas I took a flight (Freedom Tour) with Sundance ( It was the best $300.00 bucks I lost while in Vegas
The entire trip took about three hours and included lunch at the bottom of the Canyon. They even pick you up from your hotel in a stretch limo and take you to the executive terminal at LAS. I did a lot of research (when I was a travel agent) and Sundance looked to be the most reliable... they also do air work for movies and TV shows such as CSI. You'll be amazed at what a heli can do!!!!