Graduate School while Flight Training??


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Well, I have recently graduated with my undergrad, and as some of you have seen in my previous posts, I have been looking at all the possible ways to start my training. I have narrowed down my decision and I am ready to start with an accelerated flight school. This is the route I expect to take but yesterday I was talking with my father and he brought up a good point. "If I am going to spend around 40 or 50 grand to attend flight school, I should see if there are any universities that offer a Master's Degree while beginning flight training." So that is my Question to you, Are there any Colleges out there that you know about that offer a structured flight program with Graduate school. If so, this just seems like a good way to kill two brids with the 'ol stone. Thanks.
You are looking for a graduate program in aviation to go along with your flight training? I don't know anything about graduate programs in this field, but do know that there are many non-aviation fields out there, which will offer a stipend to full time graduate students (typically $19k-$25k/yr). There are no costs involved for classes or graduate school itself. In addition, as a graduate student, you are eligible for government sponsored student loans, often times subsidized at unbelieveable interest rates (2.5-3%). These don't have to be paid back until you graduate. So, if you can settle for not going the academy route and going with a flight school close to the graduate school, you could kill the two birds with one stone, although it will take longer to get through the flight training.
I have looked for the same thing for the last three months and have found nothing. But, I'll keep looking.
Never heard of such a program. You really don't need to do any kind of Grad program to be a pilot. What accelerated school did you decide on?
You can take flight courses while working on your Masters degree at the University of Illinois. However, it's not an accelerated program. I got up to my Commercial ASEL/AMEL Instrument in 2 years staying there during the summers. I also got my multi outside the university (All ATPS) in four days during an internship over a weekend.

You could get all your ratings through MEI in 3 years if you work hard.