GPS Yoke Mount


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Heya everyone,

So I'm checking out portable GPS units and looking at yoke mounts. It looks like the Lowrance Airmap 500 yoke mount that comes with the GPS attackes to the stem of the yoke. My question is would this prevent you from giving a full forward force on the yoke? I.E. If you had to push the yoke all the way in (and I can't even honestly think of a situation where this would come up) wouldn't it get stopped up on the yoke mount? Anyone have any experience with these things?


John Herreshoff
Shouldn't. I have a yoke-mounted clipboard:


And it doesn't get in the way of full-forward in the least.

Check out this picture, it's ripped off from the PDF manual over at


See how far up it is on the yoke stem? The refrence point I'm really looking at is the hole in stem for the control lock.


John Herreshoff
Hmmm... I see... Looks a LITTLE bulky...but should'nt be a problem. Is there an option to stick that sucker to the widnow?
Not sure, I'll bet I could find a third party mount from Sporty's or something like that. I'm just kind of doing a little research into these things. I've wanted to get one for years, so maybe I'll finally pick it up for this summer. Just trying to figure out what's out there and how it all hooks together.


John Herreshoff
I've used them on Pipers and never had any problems. There is a lot of extra meat on those yokes compared to the cessnas though... All it would take up is roughly 1" though so check it out next time you are out there.
Check out RAM mounts (Sporty's doesn't sell them). They make great yoke mounts (if a wee bit pricey), but they've got cradles for virtually every type of GPS receiver out there (and if they don't have one for the 500 yet, they will--they're pretty good about that). I bought mine from, decent prices, large selection. It doesn't block the yoke range of travel at all.
I have the airmap 500. It comes with a RAM yoke mount, which works fine on a Piper Archer. I haven't tried it on a Cessna. When you attach it just verify that you can still get full yoke travel and you won't have any problems. The RAM mount is versatile enough that you should be able to locate the GPS so that it is easy to see but doesn't interfere with seeing other instruments or flying the airplane.

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The new Cessna yoke is a bit problematic, particularly with the chart clip still mounted. I position the mount arm around to the right on those, since I don't really use the right side of the yoke. On older models, it works just fine over the top, and there's an extension plate available if you want to have it come up from the bottom instead (which might be preferable with the Lowrance cradle).