Gouge on checkrides


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Besides this site, does anyone know of any other sites that offer input on people's personal experiences on checkrides? CFI is up in 2 week, and want to get some heads up from different people (to aid in preparing myself).
Your best bet is to ask you instructor, and other students who did their certificate/rating with them, they will be so much help!

I can only echo what Iain said. While they stay within the confines of the PTS, it seems like each examiner does things just a little differently. It would pay dividends to find out who your examiner will be and talk to as many people as possible that have done their ride with that DE.

Good Luck on the ride!
Im with the last two posts. Every DE has something different that he/she likes to do. We have two DEs in this area, one is very big on weather, the other wants you to know systems inside and out.