Gotta Love the FAA...


All the responsibility none of the authority
I stumbled across the below paragraph looking up something for mjg407's thread.

It is in the 8900. Volume 3, Chapter 28, "Air Carrier Management Effectivenes"

8900 said:
B. Flightcrew Fatigue and Stress Indicators. There are a number of factors that affect crew functions and should be addressed by air carrier management. These factors directly affect a pilot’s physical, mental, and overall well-being. It may be appropriate to reduce flight times and/or increase rest periods based upon the effects of the following causes of fatigue and stress:

· A large volume of passengers and baggage
· Climatic conditions, such as extreme heat and humidity, cold, frost, ice, and snow
· Long workdays
· Inadequate time allowed for meals
· Unavailability of food and drink
· Noisy working environments
· High number of instrument takeoffs, approaches, and landings
· Inordinate schedule demands and changes
· Low-experience flightcrews
· Overnight accommodations not conducive to adequate rest
· Situations that compromise safety, such as insufficient rest times, exceeding MEL limits, and other operational excesses
NOTE:All added emphasis in the bullet points was done by me