Got to fly a 737 (BBJ) today!!!


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One of the DPE's flies one full time and let me and another instructor come along on a test flight.

Didn't get to take-off or land (obviously) but got do some turns, and power changes. At first I was a little shaky on the altitude(+-400) but once you get nerves out that you're flying a Boeing and get used to the frightening trim wheel, it flies like any other plane.

I'm not an Airline guy so getting to sit jump seat for the take-off and landing was a thrill too!

(that sinks worth more than me)


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i use to be an instructor at monarch across the taxi way from that thing....pretty cool watching them pull it in and out of the hanger...its a tight fit


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Sure...if by "real man", you mean Liberace! :D

Seriously, who besides Liberace and Donald Trump would have a gold sink???
Elvis had gold plated seat belts and gold sinks in the Lisa Marie. Bonus points on who can tell me what type of plane it was.