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Hello everyone:

I got the call on Friday morning, 8/17/2012, @ 9:11am, that I've been waiting to get for the last 4 years, 10 months, and 9 days.....from the Chief Psychiatrist of the FAA. I'm being medically certified to pursue a career as a professional pilot...what I affectionately call "Heavy Equipment Operator training"...because that's basically what it is. LOL! My immediate family, FB family already knows.

It's been a long road. And now the real work starts. HIMS program is being constructed for me by HIMS AME that will sponsor me and I have to see an agency referred therapist for 6 months. Therapy & flight training will be concurrent.

Headed to Ari-Ben Aviator in October or November. Lots to do before I get there and oh, btw, I will keep my promise....."and that is to assist, encourage, & support anyone going through the medically certified process of HIMS evaluations that are a direct result of past alcohol and/or drug use." That you can count on!

Thanks for all the silent prayers and support!


PS - Thanks Doug for getting me back into the forums.
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Way to stay the coarse and make it thru the process!! Keep us posted on your progress and as always ask question if needed!!


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Well done. I know from direct experience how frustrating it can be waiting on the FAA. I'm very glad to hear they're working with you. Congrats.