Got the call from AirNet, and...


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Okay, so the title is a bit misleading. I did get a call from AirNet (CW himself) today nearly three weeks after my interview with them. It was a bit of an abnormal situation, but it came down to this: My interview with them was really strong, and it sounded as if they really wanted to offer me a position, but they were unable to. The reason has to do with some personal reasons of mine that have absolutely nothing to do with AirNet or flying period for that matter.

I do want to say that I am even more impressed with AirNet after this phone call today. They are a great company with great people, and they made a special attempt to see if they could accomodate my situation, and they personally called me after this much time to discuss the situation with me rather than just sending me a rejection letter. For all aspiring pilots out there, AirNet is a great company and I really admire them, especially after today.

That being said, this is basically the last straw so-to-speak of what has been a long time coming for me. Even if AirNet had been able to work with my situation and offered me a job, I don't believe I would have accepted it at this point, because I'm becoming more convinced that aviation is not the career for me. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love flying and I would never discourage any aspiring pilot from pursuing their dream. However, for my personal situation, and especially with the current shape of the industry, I have decided that at least for now, aviation is not the field for me. I already have plans in motion for my "Plan B" to finish the required courses to sit for the CPA exam starting next summer.

It was ironic that one of the days I was in the middle of all these decisions I ran across Ian J's thread about leaving professional aviation. Besides my personal situation, I share a lot of his sentiments. I'm still flight instructing for now and when I return to school this fall, and I hope to remain close to aviation, and who knows, maybe someday I'll still get some job in aviation that I can't refuse.


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Hey man - good luck.

You gotta to what you gotta do about that whole aviation career thing. I had a fantastic year at AirNet - did some great flying, flew cool planes, and met some great people. I am very glad I gave professional aviation a shot, but also am glad I've moved on. It's not the kind of thing you want to go into with reservations. I applaud you for coming to terms with it earlier than later.

Besides, aviation will always be there down the road in some shape or form.