Got a job at the FBO


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Well, okay, it's not a flying job, but at least it's aviation related! I was interviewing today and they pretty much offered me the line job on the spot. They spent most of the interview talking about all the other parts of the company, and focused a LOT on the flight ops in the charter side. They even said, it's not hard to get noticed by the executives here, so you never know how quickly you may find yourself doing something else. Right after they said that, they start talking about their charter aircraft, a G4, two G2's and 3 Lears and then ask what my goal is as a pilot and if I considered charter work! Is it just me or is this them almost telling me, if I impress them in my work ethic that I have a good shot at right seat in the jets? They know I'm not instructing, nor going for my ratings at the moment beyond what I have now, I find it hard to believe they would be interested in me flying for them with under 250TT. I mentioned I currently am time-building via renting aircraft but that it's nothing major and only about 20-50/hours per month. Granted my resume is pretty impressive, but it's all non-aviation related stuff. Oh well... still, nice to have a job working around planes! (Also, this interview makes me 95% succesfull at interviewing as only 2 jobs I interviewed for out of over 20 in the past 5 years have not resulted in offers.) I have multiple years in the finance industry and some graduate coursework. I also think it helps that the HR lady worked at two of my previous employers!


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Great way to get connections. A FBO I work at has a hanger they rent out and I know all the tenets and they let me ride along.


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Congradulations on the job! I know exactly how excited you are because last week I was also offered a line job at a VERY nice corprate/charter operation that has a Falcon 10, 20, 2000, G2, Galaxy, and 328JET. I am extatic for what kind of opporitunities this job may bring, as any 16 year old would be! Now I just need to start saving so that I can begin my training. Once again, congrats!