Goose through 210's windshield!

I work a few miles south of where I assume this occurred (only 1 private field in Downers Grove, IL) and we have a TON of migratory Geese.
Lucky bastards. What is it about 210s? Shortly after I arrived at FLX, some dude took a bird through the windshield. The story goes that he was on descent in to CPS (at redline, natch), leaned over to take a bite of his lunch (sitting on the floor on the right side, due to the fact that there was no seat there), and BLAM, right through the windshield, through the cabin, and out the BACK plexiglass to wrap around the tail. As the story continues, he took his ID and portable scale and placed them on the desk and walked out, never to be seen again. Not sure how much of that is true, @wildfreightess would probably remember better than I. I did see the airplane, though, complete with guts, etc. The mechanics later painted a goose on the side, kill-marking style.

A couple of years later our CP (Matt H) was on a training flight and took one in the face. Sent him to the hospital, although I think he came out ok.
Yes! I've got pictures somewhere. I remember the inside of that thing looking like a Charles Manson murder scene - blood and feathers everywhere! Took MX a few days to clean it up, and dear God the smell of that plane!!
This guy spoke about his experience with my flying club earlier this year and shared some of his photos of the aftermath. If anyone in the Chicago area wants to hear his story I'm sure that i could arrange it.