Good or Bad Idea?


The Great Gazoo
I am planning on watching what happens at Colgan when ALPA takes over for the pilot group to see what changes occur to help form my opinion on aviation unions in real time (ALPA in this case).

I am thinking that maybe we could take this example at Colgan and maybe as stuff changes we could try and make a sticky thread with the goods and bads of what happens at Colgan. Some people will think it should be unnecessary, but with all the union threads always popping up and shortly getting locked, this could help others form their opinions as well with possibly less hassle.

Colgan is a good example to follow IMO as I believe even non-union people can mostly agree they deserve better over there.

I just think a good example that is formed by the members of this forum would help the overall goal of the website and with Colgan getting ALPA in a couple of days it would be a prime example to use.