Good News!


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Good news for pilots, bummer news for me . . .

My instructor has been offered and accepted a new job. He's at just under 1000 hours and will be moving onto another flight school that offers a good salary and great benefits. We also have one other instructor who left a few months ago for the airlines, one who had offers from Eagle and Mesa and a class date at the beginning of March, and one who is in the process of interviewing. The school that my instructor is going to has just lost 3 instructors to the airlines and one more just interviewed.

The industry seems to be picking up, folks!

Too bad I'm losing a really good instructor . . .


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Hey, yup its picking up for sure even here in Canada! Who would've thought, one of the instructors at my FBO in Ontario Canada got hired for Air Georgian, that flies for Air Canada, on a beech 1900! Dont give up guys!