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One of my friends that flew for Air Willy (Air Wisconsin) just got a telephone call from America West and was offered a new hire class on the A-319/320!

Maybe I can convince Ray Burkett, who probably logged onto this forum twice in the past three years, to tell us about his experiences.

Congrats Ray!
Congrats to Ray. A New Hire "blog". That would be great if you could convicne him.
Thats really good news, it would be awesome if he could give his perspective on JC, those perpesctives always gives you a feeling that you will get your chance. Congrats.
Yeah. Thats what I enjoy most of this site. Is hearing airline pilots tell how they got where they are today. All I have read have been vary interesting.

Cogatulations Ray.

Do you have the "blog' running yet. I guess I'm to lazy to search for it. Would you have it out on the front page or part of the forums?

It's going to be seperate from the forums. I'm heavily debating integrating it with jetcareers, but having a different domain name and look/feel of it.
Yeah, umm, I'm thinking of setting up the blog as a codeshare operation. Ya know, I'll have jetcareers bear all of the hosting fees, advertising costs and site maintenance so I can tell wall street that the blog is highly profitable and has an ultra-low cost.

Oh, and hire a bunch of VPs!
Always nice to hear about folks getting jobs. Even a little bit of movement is good. Sounds like America West will be growing. It was nice to see that they cancelled some of the out-sourced RJ growth in lieu of some mainline growth.
Congratulations to your friend Doug! Air Willie to AWA is great. (Did he fly the BAe-146?) I know that America West is planning on expanding 10% this year. They are hiring in all areas. With the new pilot's contract on the horizon it is a great place to land a job. With the new low fare structure to take on SWA, it looks like AWA will continue to do well. I know some of the ground instructors and check airmen there, and they are great guys. Thanks for sharing the good news.

I'm a big America West fan and always have been even when it was 'fashionable' to berate them in the media.

A good group of hard working people that'll bend over backwards to get you to where you have to go. And in dire need of a good raise.

Ray flew the CL-65 at Air Willy.
i flew air wisconsin a while back and must say it too was a decent airline. great customer service, although the plane was never at the gate until 2 minutes before departure time. Air wisc was much better than its mainline air tran that we flew from iad to atl. 6'5" in a CRJ doesnt leave much room for maneuvering