Good Multi-vitamin?


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After auditing my diet on the road, I've decided that I probably should be taking a multi-vitamin, since many food options in the airport are not quite vitamin enriched. Is there any recommended vitamin supplement that is better than the others? Any that I should definitely avoid? I used to take One-a-Day Maximum, but I found that it would make my stomach a bit upset if I didn't eat a big meal before taking it.



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Just pick a multivitamin you can tolerate. I usually recommend Centrum products.

Funny that you put those two words so close. Tolerate and Centrum.

I can't stand, I mean tolerate, swallowing those horse shoe size Centrums in the morning. They should at least think about gel-coating them :)


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I take Centrum Silver. I read somewhere (Men's Health?) about multi-vitamins and they recommended that one - even for the young guys. Occasionally my stomach doesn't like it, but overall no problems.


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Dr., is there a problem taking a multi-vitamin that has 100% of iron everyday?


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This guy that I know told me he takes multi-vitamins to prevent hangovers. Is he full of crap or what?

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It depends on your diet. Most pilots have a terrible diet with a lot of fast food, too much coffee, skipped meals, etc. They certainly don't hurt.