Good Dilbert Comic Strip on Exec Compensation! :)


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Outstanding insight Doug! You really know how to put your finger on the pulse of the common man
I'll be recommending a large raise and yearly bonus as you're such a vital asset for us.

And count yourself in on the next 767 class...I'm sorry 777. Would that take some of the sting out of it?



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Actually, I'd like to 'training bypass' the 777 -- so I can still get paid 777 rates but save the company money by not actually training me.

So the training department has lower costs and I think I should share in their increased profitability, so go ahead and tack that onto my new pay rate!


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I love Dilbert. I could almost swear that Scott Adams has worked at the same companies I have. Or maybe they are just all the same.

We have something similar to the training bypass. I'm waiting with much anticipation for the next rolling bid. Hopefully, I can get the ALPA-approved CRJ pay while keeping my current seat.


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Ah, Dilbert. It's always so dead on. You know, there are two kinds of companies. There are companies that are just like the ones portrayed in Dilbert, and then there are those that are going to become like them.