Good Contract flying site?


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Howdy all,

I'm looking to do some contract work on my time off and wondering what a good site is to look & post.

Mainly would be looking to use my CE525(S) but up for whatever, I do like flying :)

any help would be appreciated, thanks!
All Facebook groups now is where I get my work


Professional jet pilots

Corporate aviation job listings

CAJL contract pilots network

Pjp contract pilots.

Also just cold call CJ operators for p91 work and get on their call/email list
I paid for and wouldn't do it again. The facebook pages are good. I like CAJL Contract Pilots Network the best. Seems most on target. It's interesting seeing a few 91 operators starting to create a "local pool" of contacts in their area to fly a specific plane. Seems like a good idea for a plane that doesn't fly enough to pay for a dedicated flight crew. Might be cost effective. At least until nobody answers their phone.