Good AME???


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Does anyone know of a good AME in the Austin, Texas area? Or even one in the Cen-Tex Region? Just looking for a great AME, thanks again guys!
AA, I can highly recommend Dr. Lyle Koen. He is a former Navy Flight surgeon and an opthamologist by trade. He has gone to bat for me with the Feds when it was necessary. He is very fair and easy to work with. I think I paid ~$75. No appointment necessary.

Ask him what kind of groundspeed he sees in his Lancair. Here is the contact information. He is pretty much located across from UT on the interstate.

1213 N I 35 HWY
(512) 698-2679
Okay, while we are at it, how about a good AME who can do first class medicals in the DC area?
AA, not a problem at all. I went fairly early in the day and was in and out in about 30 tp 40 minutes total. I think it took as long to fill out the paperwork as the actual exam. He does get busy though and he keeps somewhat of a limited schedule so he can go fly.