Gone for the holidays!??


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So, what happened over here? Is everybody gone for the holidays? Chunk...what, are you sunning on the beach or something
...you're falling down on the job man!

Anybody know how many are currently enrolled in the January class? PVT AUDIT/ CIME?
Nah...just flyin'. The school was definately quiet over the Turkey-Day long weekend.

I heard that 10 new students started today. I think the split was 8/2.... January is looking a lot better for new enrollments and things are picking up.

Glad to hear I'll be in good company. I reserved a room on campus today (in the apartments), mailed my loan documents Saturday, and have the PPL checkride tomorrow...things are moving fast.

When you say the split is 8/2 in the incoming class, is that without/with PPL?
I'm not sure which is the larger class. I think the pvt class is usually bigger than the audit.

Anyone know fo' sho?

Good luck on the ride tomorrow...

I am back in the game. My modem crashed for a few days and I was unable to access my dialup. In any case, I started CFI class last week with 12 other students and that is now in full swing. I hope Chunk is right about an increase in enrolees next year.
That would certainly be welcome.....I hear ya on the flying Chunk. And now with ground school starting up again it's going to be a pain! My day started @ 4:30 this morning, and I still haven't finished my work for the evening. I have to be up tomorrow around 4 as well! DAMN.....I need sleep