Going To Philly - Any FBO recommendations


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Just looking for any insight. I will be in Philly the first week of January for work and will have some spare time. I may take a familiarization/discovery flight or something like that. I won't have time to get checked out in a plane, just looking for something to do. Thanks in advance


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I have heard from a lot of people that Northest Aviation is a pretty nice FBO.


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I fly out of Hortman at PNE. If you are going to be on the northwest side of town, Wings Field is pretty cool (LOM). If you want to go flying while you are here, send me a private message. I fly nearly every morning before work, and most weekends.



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I rent 172s from Hortman Aviation at PNE; I'd say that's a good place for you to go to. Also, some other airports around the area are LOM, DYL, and TTN.