Going To Embry-Riddle


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I want to go to Embry-Riddle, and then try and get a job for Delta. I am only 14 now, and am shure that flying is the right thing for me. I love flying and usually fly about 6 times a year by myself. I also live in Southern Florida currently, but will live in Pittsburgh, PA or Atlanta, GA when Im older. My question is that Florida offers to pay for its students to go to a college of their choice in the state of Florida if they maintain certain grade standards. I know the ERAU has a campus in Daytona Beach, and I heard that that one had better facilities, but the one in Arizona seemed better for graduating. Well, I cant get the money to go to out of state college. So what should I do? How much is it to go to EBAU if I decide to go to the one in Prescott, AZ ?
ERAU is a private school so they don't charge extra for out-of-state students, it's all one price. About $20,000 a year plus the cost of flights. It's pretty expensive but they offer all sorts of financial aid. If you plan on flying definately come to the PRC campus, DAB has better facilities for the engineering degrees though. Hope that helps, if you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them for you.