Going Around the World - Part III

ATC RET 2003

No More Vectors
This segment covers the remainder of our time in South Africa through the flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

On final to runway 34, Malamala

The ride to Malamala

In South Africa, Cheetahs frequently win. This one was standing on a termite mound looking for dinner. Fortunately it was not interested in us, as we were less than 20 feet away. I added this photo because when these critters get going, they CAN fly!

The ride from Malamala to Nelspruit, headed to JNB and a connection to Bangkok

Leaving Malamala

The Low Veld in the early morning

Approaching Kruger Int'l, Nelspruit

The terminal at Kruger Int'l

Random shots at JNB (second time through)

Control tower at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

Having a beer... watching some planes

The ride to Chiang Mai


Malko In Charge
Staff member
WoW, Those are some beautiful photographs. Looks like a Great Trip......