Gliem FIRC question about 8710


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Hi everyone, :hiya:

I just finished doing the Gliem online FIRC (Flight Instructor Renewal Course) and have questions about two specific things.

I feel as if I should know this, but perhaps someone from here can help me. My questions are below. :eek:

My question is "Do I need to fill in my "Record of Pilot Time" after I print out the 8710 form? I am not sure if my current flight time / flight hour record needs to be hand written into the form after I print it.

This is the first time I've ever renewed my CFI and am not sure if I need the flight hour / experience breakdown to be on the 8710. Any advice?

The reason I ask this question is because on one of the course screens it specifically says:

" Fill out the Gleim condensed Form 8710 using the Complete Form 8710 button. This form contains only the sections of the Form 8710 that you will need for your renewal request, and a few additional pieces of information needed for your official identification document. "

2.) SITUATION: I am performing this FIRC from abroad (I am living in China) and have obtained a new (replacement) US Passport from the US Embassy in Beijing during my time here.

I see that on my Pilot Certifications ALL say "(my name)" however, in my passport, as always, has shown "(my name + Jr)" because I am Jr to my dad who has the same name)

My question is, should I use my "Jr," suffix on the 8710 for the purpose of matching my passport ID, or should I simply leave my name as "(my name)" on the 8710 in order to avoid any difficulties later (differences between what my current cirtificates say)?
All of my FAA issued Certifications have shown "(my name)" without the Jr, suffix.

Even via the Airman Certification lookup via, my name is listed there without the "Jr." ending.

Second question to the above- Does anyone forsee any difficulty in validating or obtaining notorization of the printed 8710 if I enter "(my name)" without the "Jr" onto the 8710 due to my passport currently showing "(my name + Jr)" ?

I hope that these questions are clear enough to understand. If anyone can offer me any advice or help on this I would be really grateful. Additionally, if anyone has any questions for me, please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance,


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You don't need to add your flight time. Gleim is correct (they do this all the time after all) that they are only giving you the boxes you need to renew a CFI. Since there are no flight time requirements for a CFI renewal, they leave that field out. I'm sure someone will note that the FAA generally recommends that all boxes be filled out since, if you lose your logbook or other flight records, there is now a record of it. But, if I had to take a WAG it would be that Gleim electronically inputs this stuff and the number of fields is for Gleim's convenience due to the number of these they do.

On your other two questions, I'm not completely sure but my best educated guess is to leave off the Jr. Chances are you will have less of a problem convincing the Notary that the guy whose photo is on the passport is you and that you don't use the Jr on you pilot certificate than you'll have changing your name in your FAA records at the same time as you complete the renewal.


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Midlifeflyer, you're great, (is your name Mark by the way?) :)

Thank you for replying. I was actually hoping either you or Tgrayson, or the likes of other highly knowledgeable members would be able to take a stab at my questions.

I wasn't sure if they were worded clear enough. (After being in China for such a period of time, I find myself trying to make things as utterly clear as possible in Chinese or English when communicating with people)

Getting a quick and clear answer with an actual admittance of not being 100% sure about my second question is a fresh of breath air as well. In China, the more you are BS'd / led in circles is the name of the game.

I also had the same line of thought as far as having it be more simple to keep the FAA happy as far as the non-name change compared to simply showing the notary / consular that I am who I am in the passport.

Thanks again and I'm sure I'll be asking more questions in the future.
-Perpetual (Joe)


Well-Known Member're riding on a wing and a prayer to hope that the Jr. won't cause a problem. It might. And it will, someday. It's just a matter of time until you run into someone who is ernestly doing their job and your passport name doesn't match your certificate name, so your busted.

The 'bst' thing to do is file an official name change with the FAA and get the Jr. added to your pilot and flight instructor certificate.

I's a drag, but you gotta do it.:buck: