Glenn Beck renews attack on American Airlines


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Glenn Beck Renews Attack on American Airlines
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6 hours ago


DALLAS -- Radio talk show host Glenn Beck isn't backing down from his public attack on American Airlines.

For a second straight day, Beck on Wednesday used his show to complain that a flight attendant treated him rudely. Beck claims it was punishment for his conservative views.

Beck said American should fire the flight attendant, and he vowed to never fly on American again.

"These big, stodgy airlines that think they can treat people like garbage -- they can't," Beck said during a 14-minute segment on Wednesday's show. He suggested that such poor service could explain why American had to seek bankruptcy protection, yet insisted that he wasn't trying to hurt American and wasn't urging fans to boycott the airline.

American said it regretted that Beck "had a disappointing experience" on his flight home Monday from Newark, N.J., to Dallas. The airline said that it was still looking into Beck's complaint, a response that the commentator called "lumbering."

Beck said a flight attendant fawned over other passengers but spoke only one word to him, and slammed a can of soda on his tray without opening it as he did for others.

As for evidence of political bias, Beck said the man loudly told other passengers "how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America." Any tension between Beck and the flight attendant apparently went unnoticed by other passengers. Beck said that even his wife, seated directly across the aisle, didn't notice anything unusual.

American spokesman Matt Miller said the airline was still trying to figure out what happened on the flight. He declined to say whether the flight attendant would be fired if Beck's account is accurate.

"We take customer complaints seriously, but we owe it to all of our customers and people to follow our prescribed process to get the facts first and then take appropriate action," Miller said.

Thousands of travelers lodge complaints about airlines with the federal government each year, and many more gripe to the airline without filing a formal complaint. In June, the latest results available, American ranked 10th out of 15 airlines in rate of complaints.

Beck is no ordinary traveler. He has a radio show that attracts more than 8 million listeners per week, trailing only Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage, according to Talkers, a magazine for the talk-show business.

"It comes down to an employee picking the wrong guy to be rude to," said Michael Harrison, the magazine's publisher.

Harrison said big audiences give talk show hosts "a lethal weapon" to bash businesses, and they should be careful not to use their shows to carry out private vendettas. "To a degree, Beck is brushing with that," he said.

American and other airlines have feuded publicly with other celebrities. In December, actor Alec Baldwin was booted off an American flight for refusing to turn off his phone. He lampooned the airline on a "Saturday Night Live" skit in which he played an American pilot.

Baldwin is a liberal activist.

American is the nation's third-biggest airline. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, it is owned by AMR Corp., which filed for bankruptcy protection in November.
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And then the "fun part" of online newspapers.

The short bus of intellect...

Reader's Comments!!

O2BMESep-05 @ 1:13 PM 4480
Yay for the lfight attendant. -- I'm betting they're all celebrating today cuz they won't have this dumb azzzzzzz flying on their flights anymore. Who could blame them?

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Yerfishbait Sep-05 @ 1:17 PM 4722
Goes to show exactly how immature and partisan you really are.

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cchamb2 Sep-05 @ 6:55 PM 00
But Beck is a boor - and some say a liar. Is the behavior of a single person sufficient for the fuss he's raising?

BrewersBartender Sep-05 @ 1:19 PM 1830
Goes to show exactly how insane you are.

O2BME Sep-05 @ 1:19 PM 1735

Boo-Hoo-Hoo! ------- Ask me if I care what you think.

O2BME Sep-05 @ 1:20 PM 1626

Thank you to one & all.

fishrocksyoursocks Sep-05 @ 2:27 PM 621
Glenn also cried on his show about how people at the park were treating him one time soo who knows if he is blowing this a little overboard or not. He is easily offended and emotional.

ra3657 Sep-05 @ 1:58 PM 2720
shouldnt matter who the passenger is...if Al Sharpton was treated that way I would say the same thing. The flight attendent has no right to vent his personal views while at work on an airline. He was atagonisitc. That being said, the airlines DOES need to look into the accuracy of the event also.

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BassAckwards Sep-05 @ 2:18 PM 840
"Any tension between Beck and the flight attendant apparently went unnoticed by other passengers"

Sounds to me like someone is making stuff up to get publicity. Oooh, and look it worked.

rkphx Sep-05 @ 2:19 PM 1336
OK, then Beck has no right to air HIS personal views at his place of employment.

And frankly, Beck uses PUBLIC airwaves. See how that works?

doazurtold Sep-05 @ 2:31 PM 721
ra- Where did you get that the attendant was venting; because he made a general comment about being proud of cities in America that Beck deemed liberal? And, you believe the attendant was antagonistic because he didn't pop open Beck's soda for him? Is Glenn too (in)famous to open his own can?

"Beck said that even his wife, seated directly across the aisle, didn't notice anything unusual." Even his own wife won't stand up for this whinny little man-boy.

Doesn't Beck have bigger more convoluted conspiracies to reveal to the real God-loving whites-only patriots of America?

keepamericafree Sep-05 @ 2:39 PM 208
if al sharpton was treated that wa the airline would be drooling all over itself apologizing and the flight attendant fired already

reallyotis Sep-05 @ 2:44 PM 517
There's no evidence this even happened. Read the article.

steeldog95 Sep-05 @ 3:08 PM 107
rk, your point is idiotic. If you can't see how dumb you sound, it's a waste to try and explain it.

hint- radio talkshow host is supposed to give his views.

example- any other radio talkshow in history

ra3657 Sep-05 @ 4:48 PM 21
doazurtold-It sounded like he was venting...I interpreted it that way. As far as "god loving whites..." if somebody said something about god loving blacks...would that be racist?

Hypatia Sep-05 @ 7:11 PM 00
BECK IS A CRYBABY!! He is a crybaby passenger... FRIGGIN GROW UP... AND you beck followers, GROW UP TOO! He wanted special treatment... friggin little whiney celeb neo-con GROW UP

fishrocksyoursocks Sep-05 @ 2:35 PM 47
It would have only been more entertaining if it would have been that fool Alex Jones... he would have assumed the flight attendant was part of black ops government hit team who was going to take him out with poisoned diet coke or if need be a plastic toilet paper roll holder gun hidden in the bathroom before take off.

fascistfreaks Sep-05 @ 2:42 PM 113
If he causes you any pain then Im for him eh little man.

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egotistical Sep-05 @ 3:52 PM 54
Freak is a typical Mormon or Christen

ra3657 Sep-05 @ 4:49 PM 10
both of you are having a problem with spelling today

MesaDDS Sep-05 @ 3:00 PM 95
Hopefully he will get others to go elsewhere, and she will be out of a job when they go belly up like The Republic.

There is 1 reply to this comment.
Hypatia Sep-05 @ 7:13 PM 00
they won't go "belly up" with you posting and reading... How unintelligent are you really... IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS PAPER don't support it with your SUPER HITS!!! don't you friggin know? It's like beck... slap yourself and then complain, slap yourself then complain, slap yourself then complain

LocalTrailerTRASH Sep-05 @ 3:00 PM 39
You should know that Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Savage all belong to a union that is part of the AFL-CIO.

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Cradle2Gravers Sep-05 @ 4:40 PM 30
No, O has the unions locked up, eh little boy

ChooseAnotherName Sep-05 @ 3:35 PM 83
Beck as 8million listeners. You have roughly.....10. LOL

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NapoleonDynamite Sep-05 @ 5:14 PM 02
8 million according to Beck. Beck the victim. "Oh WaaH! I was discriminated against by a gay guy before I could discriminate against him. Oh WaaH!"

Hypatia Sep-05 @ 7:15 PM 00
more like 8000 bigots counted 1000 times... they know how to cheat

Roark Sep-05 @ 2:18 PM 534
even his wife didn't notice any rude behavior. Nuff said.

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ra3657 Sep-05 @ 3:48 PM 13
hence why the airlines should look into and decide if anything happened. I don't take what I hear and read as gospel.

JamTown Sep-05 @ 4:24 PM 011
No evidence this even happened. Has not Beck been treated for mental issues before - sounds like another episode? I'd fire Beck, the delusional bully.

bakphx1 Sep-05 @ 4:24 PM 08
Glenn Beck has a tendency to, at best, embellish his stories. At worst, he outright lies. So, I wouldn't take it as gospel. Even by his own account, he didn't get the proper amount of awe from the flight attendant and poor Glenn was forced to open a can of soda, like the rest of us. Maybe his fingers are that weak now. He's supposed to be the voice of good GOP Christians?

enviro1 Sep-05 @ 4:35 PM 07
Given Beck's famous penchant for crying on his tv shows, I'm surprised he didn't just burst into tears

Roark Sep-05 @ 5:10 PM 04
His main intention was to probably get some publicity for himself, which he has done, thanks to newspapers like The Republic.

llb Sep-05 @ 3:44 PM 36
Glenn who?

YouBigDummy Sep-05 @ 6:57 PM 10
In my business, I don't care if they are liberal or conservative, only that their money is green.

fascistfreaks Sep-05 @ 7:10 PM 00
Evidently the little limp wrist-ed attendant wasnt a fan.

BrewersBartenderSep-05 @ 1:18 PM 1838
Does this crazy magic underwear converted crying fool think that American Airlines would care if he never flew on their planes again?

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Hwagrider Sep-05 @ 1:25 PM 2115
No, but "He has a radio show that attracts more than 8 million listeners per week," Those 8 million passengers could make a health dent in an airlines cash flow.

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RomneyRyan2012 Sep-05 @ 1:41 PM 198
10 million

BrewersBartender Sep-05 @ 1:43 PM 1020
Most of them don't pay their bills anyway, so no loss.

Bfrank Sep-05 @ 1:57 PM 514
You're assuming those 8 million are big flyers. Just a guess, but I'm betting not. Besides, they have "American" in their name, and I'm willing to double down that his audience loves all things "American".

doazurtold Sep-05 @ 2:16 PM 417
No impact to the airline from his sheep. I would guess that few, if any, of Beck's followeres have ever been in an aircraft. Some believe it is unnatural for man to fly and must be shunned as mysticism (or science, whichever is worse). The rest have never left the town they were born in.

BassAckwards Sep-05 @ 2:21 PM 413
Except you are counting those that listen to him because they despise him and just want to hear the loony crap he says. They'll change over to American for that reason. And the rest that really don't care and just fly whereever the fares are cheapest regardless. So imagine the impact and then knock it down by about 90%.

reallyotis Sep-05 @ 2:45 PM 07
Doubt it.

MesaDDS Sep-05 @ 3:01 PM 73
No bartender, they live in more affluent places than you have driven through on your bicycle.

steeldog95 Sep-05 @ 3:11 PM 73
Listen to all you arrogant pricks. Can't discuss a real point so you go to insults. Congrats on perpetuating the stereotype.

llb Sep-05 @ 3:47 PM 14
Becky's 8 million listeners can't afford to fly.

jlg30 Sep-05 @ 4:11 PM 30
you wanna bet llb, the majority of them aren't on welfare like you.

jakeinloveSep-05 @ 1:20 PM 1034
Remember when Glenn and Sarah were so poplar? Ah the fads we go through...

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Tradecraft Sep-05 @ 1:23 PM 268
jakeinlove - I also remember when spelling and grammar counted.

There are 7 replies to this comment.
BassAckwards Sep-05 @ 2:26 PM 37
Hey, maybe he meant poplar, like the flower. I can remember when Sarah and Glenn were flowers, er, or, um...whatever.

Bfrank Sep-05 @ 2:41 PM 16
Ooooooohhh... Burrrrnnnn.

reallyotis Sep-05 @ 2:46 PM 19
fast typing mistake. we've all done it.

NapoleonDynamite Sep-05 @ 5:17 PM 01
Deflect! Deflect!

jakeinlove Sep-05 @ 1:39 PM 625
Shifting away from the topic. Nice deflection.

BrewersBartender Sep-05 @ 1:42 PM 424
Wow. He left out a "u". Thanks for clearing that up for everyone.

Moderateisntleft Sep-05 @ 2:05 PM 310
No, he meant they used to be solid, you know like a tree......

wrenchSep-05 @ 1:20 PM 832
Boo-Hoo Beck found something else to cry about.

There are 4 replies to this comment.
O2BME Sep-05 @ 1:22 PM 1228

He's a whiney little pu**y. Can dish it out, but can't take it back at him. Poor little thing.

bakphx1 Sep-05 @ 4:30 PM 05
Reminds of a time years ago I heard Sean Hannity who said our society was in decline (and this was during the Bush Admin!). The dilemma: he was flying out of San Francisco and by the time they got to him all the meat dish was gone that he wanted and they only had chicken. What's more, he knew that since it was a flight out of San Francisco, some evil liberal got the food he really wanted. He was mad, and he was serious that it was a big problem in society. The fact anyone listens to them is the the trouble with society.

GrumpyOldMan Sep-05 @ 4:38 PM 03
For a guy who claims to be straight, he sure is a drama queen.

NapoleonDynamite Sep-05 @ 5:25 PM 02
Beck's relevance has been zero during this entire campaign. This is just another "Hey I'm still here, look at me!" moment. He will soon be doing nothing but infomercials for food boxes and gold along with "1000 years of darkness" Chuck Norris.

AZghandiSep-05 @ 1:27 PM 1319
Next time pour hot coffee in the bullies lap

There are 2 replies to this comment.
ra3657 Sep-05 @ 1:59 PM 112
would that make the flight attendent a bully?

There is 1 reply to this comment.
SetTheRecordStraight Sep-05 @ 5:09 PM 01
No, it would make Glenn Beck a bully.

RomneyRyan2012 Sep-05 @ 1:56 PM 254
How about on your face?

There are 4 replies to this comment.
wrench Sep-05 @ 2:32 PM 414
Ah....the wit of the right....

RomneyRyan2012 Sep-05 @ 4:26 PM 50
Ah. the evil and filth of the left

GrumpyOldMan Sep-05 @ 4:39 PM 13
Ah, the nitwits of the right...

NapoleonDynamite Sep-05 @ 5:31 PM 01
"Evil and filth". Wow. I can just see the bile in your mouth. You are brainwashed more than the 14 year old son of an al-Qaeda terrorist.

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As much as I hate all things AMR, and this is a well stated position of mine - it figures that they finally do something I like.


That's just, like, your opinion, man
Oh jeesh...Guy feels slighted, which was probably all in his head, and he tries to get the flight attendant fired. Classy.


Can't he just call the Aadvantage Platinum desk, rant for two minutes and take the 7k miles they'll offer like the rest of us......? ;)


New Arizona, Il Duce/Warlord
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SOME famous people get on aircraft with the smug smirk of "don't you know who I am? Yeah, that's me! You're on my jet! G'head an tweet your followers!"

I've seen it before, but most get on the aircraft, keep a low profile and can be the sweetest people on earth.

Some want special treatment and recognition, but I'll save some of those stories for "Story time with Uncle Derg" next month.

I hope he feels big for complaining nationally about an unopened can of coke on a 2 hour flight.

Wait. Coke?!

I'm telling! :)

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Lycra Man
SOME famous people get on aircraft with the smug smirk of "don't you know who I am? Yeah, that's me! You're on my jet! G'head an tweet your followers!"

I've seen it before, but most get on the aircraft, keep a low profile and can be the sweetest people on earth.

Some want special treatment and recognition, but I'll save some of those stories for "Story time with Uncle Derg" next month.

I hope he feels big for complaining nationally about an unopened can of coke on a 2 hour flight.

Wait. Coke?!

I'm telling! :)

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When are you going to be In EWR again? I need to buy you a round.


Well-Known Member
He managed to fill up multiple days of his radio show talking about this? Glad I keep busy.


The animosity between Beck and Kelly continued to deepen. When Beck and Hattrick produced a local version of Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” for Halloween — a recurring motif in Beck’s life and career — Kelly told a local reporter that the bit was a stupid rip-off of a syndicated gag. The slight outraged Beck, who got his revenge with what may rank as one of the cruelest bits in the history of morning radio. “A couple days after Kelly’s wife, Terry, had a miscarriage, Beck called her live on the air and says, ‘We hear you had a miscarriage,’ ” remembers Brad Miller, a former Y95 DJ and Clear Channel programmer. “When Terry said, ‘Yes,’ Beck proceeded to joke about how Bruce [Kelly] apparently can’t do anything right — about he can’t even have a baby.”
I want someone to make a montage of every time Glenn Beck has said "moral compass."


Old School KSUX
Dollars to donuts says he's the kind of man who couldn't complain face-to-face and only calls for her job from behind a mic.


Macho Superpilot
Congrats on being suckered in.

I'm a right wing nut job too, but I don't "create" an accident on the side of the road, so all you rubbernecks can look at my feats, and add fuel to my fire.