GI Bill or tuition assistance??


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I was active and now Im reserve, Im going to night classes during the week and working a low paying job. What Im trying to find out is if it is more beneficial to use my GI Bill or the tuition assistance through the reserves. I only have a year left of school, but I also want to use the GI Bill for my Commecial/Instrument. Basically, will I have extra money by using the GI Bill?? Has anyone gone through this?? Thanks
That's a toughie....I'm usually quite the duty expert in this area, but I've never dealt with the reserve TA, so I'm not sure. There are some givens, though.

First off, find out exactly how much money you can recieve for TA. Are you going to a university or a community college? What is the annual cap for the TA? Is it reimbursement ot cash up-front?

Just so that know how I do it, I take the G.I. bill for tuition, and don't even think about using it for flight training. This way, I take home alot more of MY money.

Get me some more info, or PM me and I'll help you figure it all out.
Generally you will get more money by using your GI bill.
Depending on how many more months of school you have left you still might have some benefits leftover for flight training.
In the guard we get state TA (depends on your state, most run around 50%) plus the GI bill.
use TA for school because you will go through the GI bill really fast using it for flight training. I've already used all of my GI bill and I only used it for flight training
Sorry about going off-topic, but I'm curious if you've been able to put that Citation type to use, viper? If so, how, and what is your background on TT, ME, etc.? If not, do you see it as a good investment? Would you recommend or not recommend it to someone else?

Viper. How did you get all that done so fast (or is that average) did you work full time during your training?
Sorry to say that I haven't been able to use the type rating, partially because my unit is activated right now. I got offered a spot flying co pilot for 3 weeks while their guy went through he re-current training, but I couldn't do it cause I was activated.
I have 550TT, 110ME. I did instrument, comm, ME comm, CFI, MEI, and CFII in 5 months while working full time. Luckily I get a lot of time at work where I can study and I'd fly 2-3 times a day, every day when I was home. That's hard to schedule with the same instructor, that's why I used 6 different instructors. Each one has a different perspective on stuff and that helped me figure out which technique I wanted to use.
I would see the type rating as an investment for someone that has the hours for the ATP. A guy in my class was get his ATP and type rating at the same time. We had the EXACT same checkride, with the exact same standards. He walked away w/ a ATP rating with the type rating on it, and my type rating was added to my commercial license. The examiner didn't ask him ANY questions from the ATP written.
Another many credits to I need to take in order to get the full time benefit rate?
Another many credits to I need to take in order to get the full time benefit rate?

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12. If you drop to 11, you'll get the 3/4-time rate.

Silly, huh?
Anybody have experience using their GI Bill for test fees, examiner's fees, etc. ? And how does it work?
Anybody have experience using their GI Bill for test fees, examiner's fees, etc. ? And how does it work?

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Yep!! Done it quite a few times!! The first thing for you to do is make sure that you've completed the eligibility form for VA benefits (if you're enrolled in school and receiving VA benefits, then you've already completed this step). If you haven't done this, you'll have to send a copy of the form in with the rest of the paperwork.

Basically, you go to this site and at the bottom of the page, you'll see some links near the bottom that answer some of the basic questions.

You can also go to this site and see what the limits are for each test, etc. Once you determine that the test that you've taken is eligible for reimbursement, you'll submit test results (a copy of your cert will suffice), and a self-generated form with all of your info. In about a month, you'll get paid!!!!!

I used mine for both and it worked out really well. I used my GI bill for a couple of years to work on my degree at ERAU. Once I finished my course work, I changed my program of training and started using it for flight training! It works!

In your situation, I would probably use the TA to take my academic courses with while it is available. Keep in mind you can't use your GI bill for college classes an flight training at the same time. (you may already know this)

Also, you may consider using the GI bill for course work along with your TA and pocket the difference. In turn, save that money and use it for flight training. Either way, you can make it work out!

If you are like me, you want to spend every penny you have comming to you!!! Use it all!