GI bill and flight training? Help please!


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How does this work, is it just good for college or will it help you with getting your ratings? I'm finished with school so, I really wouldn't be interested in college hours??? I've been told yes and no by recruiters.
It works for flight ratings after the private pilot. The training must also be done under part 141, and then the GI bill will pay 60% of the approved cost of the course. When I say "approved" what I mean is if the instrument rating is 40 hours, they will pay 60% of 40 hours. If you take 50, the other 10 is all on your own.
Hello JGriffis,

Viper 548 is right on. The VA will pay 60% for your training beyond the private in a VA approved 141 program. The current full time rate per month is $985.00 for full time training. The VA will deduct 1 month of entitlement for every $985.00 you spend up to 60% total course cost. I am currently enrolled in the Ari-Ben Aviator mutli-commercial course and it works out like this:

Total course for VA training is 120hrs.
65hrs dual @ $175/hr = $11,375
55hrs solo @ $145/hr = $7,975
30hrs ground @ $25/hr = $750
30hrs pre/post flt @ $25 = $750

Total course cost $20,850
$20,850 x 60% = $12,510
$12,510/$985 = 12.7 months of entitlement

So, I end up spending $8,340 for a multi-commercial course which gives me 120hrs multi-engine time! I am happy!!!

Hope this helps you!

That is great, so even if you're not a pilot in the military, you can still live your dream in the civilian world at a lot less cost. What branch are you in?
I served in the Navy as an F-14 avionics technician. I also served in the Army as a Supply Sergeant. I spent a little over 9 years total including my reserve time. Got out in 97