Getting through security


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I think someone has asked this question on here before, but I am too lazy to go looking for it right now. So here goes: Has anyone ever had any problems getting through airport security while carrying a flight bag full of "flying stuff"(headsets, handheld gps, ect.). I am asking because I am flying home for a couple weeks and am thinking about taking my flight geart with me to do a little flying back home. I just didn't want to get to the airport and end up getting a body cavity check or anything because of my flight bag. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Even out of uniform I don't have any problems.

Just be a little extra careful. The various airports around the country have different security regulations and "micro-fifedoms" which makes it a little "interesting."
From what I have heard most people have not had any trouble with it, just don't carry around a checklist for a 737 or whatever you may be flying in, that might raise some suspicion.
the TSA is not trained to look for stuff like that... I doubt they would even think anything of it. The only way they crack it open is if you arrange something with heavy metal and alot of wires so that it resembles a bomb. keep the wires away from the metal stuff and spread the metal stuff out so they can see through it on the xray. Oh yeah, leave any tools you may have in there at home. I have seen them take a fuel sampler before so you may want to check that if it has the screwdriver on it.

one more thing, if you arent wearing athletic shoes, take them off, it will save you a few minutes.