Getting CFI before Junior/Senior Standing


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Alright- Well as things stand, Im ontrack to get my CFI *hopefully* the fall term of my Sophomore year. Doing the 221/222 freshman year. The the 323/24/25 the following summer. I know it's quite a load, but I think I really can do it. Any one ever get into the CFI class prior to Junior year?

What class are you in right now? Are you flying this summer?I am in 222 that just started last week. The multi class in the summer is only for the 9 week session starting in June. So you can't do systems, aerodynamics and multi in the same summer. I may be wrong, but I'll check again. Other than that, good to see that you are motivated.
Right now, im in the 112 audit. I actually know of a guy who overlapped his multi into the 323 324 classes this summer, actully started like 2 weeks prior towards finals. I dont know, I guess I'll have to wait and see what my course of action is.

I'll look for you on the flightline

When I went there for my tour, there were several students that were part time instructors. I belive they only taugh the student pilots getting their ppl.

Thats what I would like to try to do.