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Is there any type of documention the FAA will need from a Dr. if I have G.E.R.D? or do i I just list it in the comment box, and list the medication . Do I need to check the Stomach box in the history part of the form? Thanks

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List it in the stomach box in Item 18 and list the medication in Box 17. When you list it, make the statement that you are taking XXX and have no symptoms any longer.:)


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GERD is some nasty #####. I ended up having corrective surgery after years of acid essentilly restricted my esophagus to the point where I was unable to swallow water.


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did the surgery help

which one did you have

i am looking at getting it now. Are you on medicine still?
Here's the procedure:

It helped immensely, and eliminated the need for medication. It's not an outpatient procedure though, and you'll be in pain for at least a week or so. My surgery was done laprascopically, meaning I've got 5 small scars from where they made the incisions, instead of the traditional method of gutting you.

One downside, if you want to call it that, is that I'm incapable of vomiting. So if you go out for 2 or 12 drinks one night, try not to poison yourself...:D

The surgey works, but is definitely a last resort. My reflux was so bad as to mandate this procedure.