Georgia State


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Anyone have any experiece with the flight program at Georgia State University? I just found it by accident on the net. There hasn't been any post that I know of since 2000 about it. Anyone know anything?
It exists as far as I know. I have a friend who was at Jacksonville University that was thinking about transfering (he's from Georgia so the tuition woulda beeen stupidly cheaper...are those words?). The way I understand it, they do all the flying through a local FBO and you basically get a business degree with a few aviation courses thrown in. Probably chalk it up to aviation managment?

Not much I know, but it's something!


John Herreshoff
Georgia Aviation and Technical College has an excellent 2 year program that transfer to Middle Georgia College for a higher degree. Georgia residents get full tuition from the Hope Grant and flight training is done in State owned aircraft-5 C-172 SP's, 6-Warriors, 2-Arrows, 2-Seminoles, 2 Shweizer Helicopters, Citation and King Air sims.