Georgia Beech 1900 SIC Pilot looking for work


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I recently flew as a volunteer SIC for a cargo carrier in North Atlanta, but because of some problems they have had, I have not been able to fly lately. I am looking for another company to give me a chance to prove myself. I currently meet VFR 135 regs, but need a few 100 hours to meet the 1200 hours IFR portion. Anybody with information or can help, please e-mail here or at Thanks to everyone in advance for your help. I hope to be flying again soon.

670 TT
470 PIC
82 Simulated Instrument, 43 Actual Instrument
170 night
503 Cross Country (airport to airport)
156 Multi Engine
Singles: C152, C172, C182, C207, PA28, PA28R, BE24R
Twins: BE76, PA23-180, BE190 (100 hrs FO), BE58