Geographical Preferences/Staffing Levels


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Hi! I recently applied in May and took the ATSAT last week scoring in the “Well Qualified” column. Reading the forums it appears that geographic preferences are asked for after passing the ATSAT, but I think I remember selecting 5 states I would prefer to work in the first time I applied in May. Do they ask for geographic preferences again? Also I had an informational interview with a Controller at the New York TRACON who recommended the career….. but stated “off the record” that starting at that TRACON would be almost impossible to be initially successful at. With all the staffing issues there I am worried thought that may be a first assignment (I preferred New York state in the geo. preferences, but was hoping to start in a slower facility like Albany, Rochester or Buffalo). Would I be forced to go to the TRACON or do they shy away from sending new hires there due to the intensity of a level 12 facility? I also saw in a previous post a list of staffing levels vs. goal for all US airports, but the list was over 2 years old. Would anyone have an updated list? Thanks!