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SO here is a question I have no idea the answer to. My wife got her TOL for ROA and I just got my AT-SAT Score and figure the geo prefs will be coming out next week(hopefully!) Does anyone know if a Husband and Wife are allowed to work at the same terminal? ROA is an up/down the TRACON is in a seperate Building next to the tower and the closest FAA terminal is either GSO (two hours south) or RIC (three hours east). I am wondering if it would be a waste to put ROA Only on my Geo Pref and nothing else. Any help would be great! I am planning of touring ROA next week on my day off! Thanks in advance!:hiya:

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There's are tons of husband/wife teams (some married before the FAA. others met in the FAA) in the same facility out there. Its not uncommon. You just cannot supervise your spouse. So, if one of you moves the the "dark side," someone will have to move to another facility.