*GASP* I Just Saw Aloft on TV!


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I just fliped to CBS and saw Herbie, whoops, I mean Aloft. I never knew he wanted to be a dentist and that dude has a set of pipes on 'em. He's on from 8-9 PM on CBS for those of us on the East Coast.
Seriously? I missed it...
Not Herbie Hancock, Herbie the misfit elf on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The dentist wanna-be that pulls the teeth of the Abominable Snowman!
No... He saw "Aloft".


By girlfriend was watching it, and I almost flipped out when I saw herbie or what ever his name is. The funny thing is he wants to be a dentist... dentist, pilot... same thing.

Okie, I have a 7:30 AM final tomorrow (err... today). Peace out ya'll.

Without a doubt, your avatar cracks me up everytime I see it! Actual LOL!! Now I'm not sure which is the real Herbie. I saw it too when I was flipping channels and yelled, hey, there's Aloft! On TV like a star.