For Sale Garmin Aera-560, GPS w/xm, safe taxi, terrain, etc.

Calvin and Hobbs Meter

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The wife wants a new pair of shoes and more fancy cloths (I actually want to surprise her with a new computer) ;) , so I'm selling my Aera. I'm asking $675 (free shipping, in the original box). I'll be posting other places for more $$ and am asking less here so as to possibly help out a fellow jetcareers member.

I installed the most recent software update onto it. I have all of the accessories, manuals, chords, and a fo-leather overnight bag which fits both the GPS (while in it's carrying case), and the yolk-clamp (with cigarette lighter power cord) perfectly.

My favorite function is that I can plug in any street address and fly direct to it, I have had some fun with that. My buddy just borrowed my Aera so he could ferry a duchess from Turks and Caicos Island back to the US, since foreflight (ipad) doesn't include map (VFR & IFR) coverage that that far. The unit has all the VFR info you could ever need, as well as IFR airways and waypoints for North America, Central America, and South America.

The map data has not been updated anytime recently, but you can buy a yearly subscription from Garmin which includes nav data, obstacles, safe taxi, airport directory, and terrain databases and updates every 28 days. The unit is XM weather capable as well.


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