Fun with the MFD


Sitting in the median
We have this Multi-Function Display in the Saab which we normally use to display TCAS. It can also has a NAV and WX display which we might use once in a while to determine the distance and direction of cells in the summertime. Well it also has some other functions which we don't use, but obviously were used by the previous operator...




Is flagship the Eagle carrier that had the transvestite?
Is flagship the Eagle carrier that had the transvestite?

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No, J.R or R.J (depending on if you knew him/her before or after the operation) was from my own Simmons Airlines.

Flew with 'her' a few times (post-op). She did the flow-through to AA. I heard she got herself fired. It's a long story.
There were three "she-males" at AA when I was jumpseating from MCO to SJU all the time. I only rode with one once. It was a really weird experience. The FO briefed me before "it" came in the cockpit so I was not shocked at the sight. My God what an ugly person.

Reminded me of the ex-tight end that became a girl in the Robin Williams movie, The World According to Garp.
Actually, I met one of them in AUS once.

Me and the captain were going to hit "6th Street" on a 30 hour layover and invited the other two pilots out with us.

Then a guy walks down and then a girl walks down and I asked the FO, "Gee, what did you do, hook up or something?" He rolls his eyes and the "girl" says, "I'm the captain" in a deep voice.


Talk about a 'delicate' evening at Ivory Cat!
Did you guys meet Leslie? S/he ran for mayor in the last election down here and can usually be found on 6th.

Come to think of it, I've encountered only two transvestites in my life, that I was aware of, and both times it was in an aviation-related setting (but not in AUS). Coincidence?