FUN with old man winter (or, I LOVE THE NORTHEAST!)


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Well whoop-dee-doo. I had to work at the airport on blizzard saturday. Thought it was gonna be open for a few hours, close in a few hours. But it got exciting!

Chain-smoking of events:

1. Clay, our mechanic, decided to move the king air to his hangar. I saw the snow getting really heavy, decided to move my car into the hangar so I could get out later. I mean, the ramp is always plowed right?

2. The ramp was plowed to ensure a good transit. Good so far.

3. By the time we got the plane to the other hangar, the snow had accumulated again and the tug got stuck. OOPS!

4. Not being able to move the tug, Ron, the ramper, went to get the utility truck to tow it.

5. Utility truck was OTS for some reason.

6. In the meantime, the tug froze over and the engine stopped turning... we couldn't start it. OOPS!

7. Ron yelled at me to help him move the d@mn thing. I was supposed to steer while he smashed the other good tug into the bad tug, hoping to move it a few feet out of its own little snow bank.

8. After many obscenities, Ron brought his blazer onto the ramp and we dragged the thing into the heated hangar.

9. Meanwhile inside: OOPS, the printer was out of ink, so the Lasergrade written test results would not print... =one very sad PPL student.

10. Everyone packed up and left, and I tried to close at 7pm.

11. OOPS, car is trapped in the parking lot.

12. Call to the tower, around 7:30 "hey, hows it going. Do you have any pizza left?" "Can I come up and wait?" No luck, its illegal in sub-freezing conditions to visit the tower.

13. No pizza left. But an offer to help get my car out of the ramp before the tower closes at 10pm.

14. Left work at 10:30pm. A nice 12 hour shift with no breaks... Got home 12 something am, ate the refridge, went to bed...



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I knew there was a reason I don't live in the Northeast anymore! I think it's too cold in NC ...



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Ah, winter! I used to love snow when I was a kid. Now I want the snow to be on the slopes but not anywhere near me.

I didn't have it as bad as you but now I have to go and clean off a filthy car. I hate that junk that gets on your car when it snows. And the thing that sucks is that as long as the snow is melting, we'll have more of the salt splashing up on our cars.



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its illegal in sub-freezing conditions to visit the tower.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm not sure if this is a local thing or a new rule, but I rode out a snowstorm in the GMU tower with a student a few years back. His PPL checkride ran long and the field went IFR before we could leave. (And yes, it does snow and get sub-zero in SC occasionally.


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hahaha its just a bit of sarcasm. They would have let me up I think "WHAT? the FBO is still open? Are you crazy?" But they said that the pizza was all gone, so there would be no point.

mmm pizza...

They were nice to send the runway plow over to help my car out of the parking lot...


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Wow! An interesting day for you. Gotta be honest, I don't miss the snow at all.