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Hi everybody I'm back and in the few months I've been gone there have been a zillion jillion posts, and I;m not going to go back and read them all, so please forgive me if I ask a question that's already been answered or such.

I visited FSI today. Here is an edited version of my visit from another forum:


I had a great meeting today with Jacqueline (Jackie) Gauger-Carlon and Kelly Evans at FSI in VRB.

They are interested in having us do (commercial activity deleted by JT to follow forum rules) around the first week of December. I'll post more info as I get it.

What an impressive place! Blows away anything else out there. I really liked it.

If I was starting out again I'd probably go there.

Jackie and Kelly are not only intelligent, attractive and on the ball, they are both very friendly and totally dedicated to avaition. Jackie is a trip. This girl can tell some great stories! She's had a tremendous amount of "aviation experiences" herself. And, like me, she has a daughter named Grace!

Kelly just had a son named Conor, named after her father. I have to admit, we talked as much about kid stories as we did flying

I really look forward to working with both of them soon.

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btw, Jackie reads this forum and so I promised her I would come back and post.
Hi Jackie, Miss Ya!
Looks like something will happen in January. Kelly and Jackie are hammering out the details now.

I hear quite a few people signed up for an interview seminar.
Hey good news John,

I'm interested in particapating, I know it's interview preperation but what sort of things do you do? I imagine something along the lines of a mock interview but any details would be cool.

PS if you don't think Doug is comfortable with you answering in the forum just send me a PM. I can probably help get a few other instructors signed up!